Established Businesses

Are you thinking of expanding your business in the United States? Do you already have an enterprise in the United States but need to bring in foreign talent to boost your business? We can help established businesses fortify their position in the United States. We’ll listen to your ideas and needs and formulate a legal strategy to help you achieve your goals.

If you are opening a new office in the United States you may need to send managers and specialists over to get the business on its feet. You may want to pump new blood into your existing US business by transferring managers or specialists from your foreign business or hiring workers with specialized knowledge. When these employees are not US citizens you may need assistance navigating the US immigration system.

We can assist with:

  • E-1 Treaty Trader visas
  • E-2 Treaty Investor visas
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation visas
  • L-1A Intracompany transferee Executive of Manager visas
  • L-1B Intracompany transferee Specialized Knowledge visas
  • O-1 Individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement visas
  • Employment Based Immigrant visas
  • Any other US immigration option you may be eligible for.


We are committed to helping established businesses strengthen their position in the United States. Above are the most sought after services for established businesses. If you need something not mentioned, please contact us. We work with trusted partners to provide additional services which we cannot provide ourselves such as tax advice, moving services etc. so as to ensure that our clients are covered from every angle.

Read about how we help people:

With their visa when they start or buy a business in the United States (E-1 and E-2 visas)

Extra Information

We help pretty much everyone who wishes to move to the United States. If you can’t find the situation on our website, but want to go to the United States, contact us so that we can discuss your options and how we can help you.