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By George Lake

Today we would like to introduce a trusted partner. This company is completely separate from blue lake law but we work closely together and they deliver excellent service.

Fingerprints & Screening is a renowned company specializing in fingerprint collection for obtaining criminal background checks abroad for various purposes. The company plays a crucial role in processes such as employment screenings, security screenings, immigration applications, visa applications, and US license applications.

Requesting FBI Criminal Background Checks

One of the primary services offered by Fingerprints & Screening is requesting FBI Criminal Background checks. These checks are essential for various situations, including:

  • Employment Screening: Employers can request Criminal Background checks to verify the background of potential employees and ensure their suitability for the position.
  • Immigration: Individuals wishing to immigrate to the United States often must undergo a detailed background check, including checking for any criminal history. This is essential to ensure the security and integrity of the immigration system (similar requirements apply to many other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, etc.). To learn more about immigrating to the United states go to: 5 things to know when applying for a family based green card
  • Visa Applications: Obtaining various types of visas for the United States often requires an FBI Criminal Background check. This process helps ensure that visa holders do not pose a threat to American society. If you have difficulties obtaining a visa to the US due to a criminal record, read this: Criminal records and US visa applications
  • License Applications: Some professions and businesses require specific American licenses. Submitting an FBI Criminal Background check may be necessary to qualify for certain licenses, such as gaming licenses, financial licenses, medical licenses, etc.
  • Security Investigations: Security investigations are crucial for government agencies, defense contractors, and other organizations that prioritize national security and safety. Collecting and verifying fingerprints enables these organizations to examine individuals’ backgrounds and determine their suitability for positions that handle sensitive information or have access to secure locations.

Collecting Fingerprints for Criminal Background Checks

Collecting fingerprints is one of the most reliable methods to establish an individual’s identity and check their criminal history. Fingerprints & Screening follows strict procedures to ensure that their clients’ fingerprints are accurately collected and processed. These fingerprints are then sent to the appropriate authorities to conduct the required background checks.

Fingerprint Collection in the Netherlands

For anyone in need of fingerprints for Criminal Background checks, Fingerprints & Screening is a trusted partner in the Netherlands. The company enables clients to obtain these important documents efficiently and accurately. 

The fingerprint technician is Ilse Sloof; a dedicated fingerprint technician with extensive experience in collecting fingerprints for various purposes. Ilse is a passionate professional who ensures that each fingerprint is accurately captured and processed. Her work is invaluable in maintaining the integrity of background checks for a wide range of clients.

With the expertise of professionals like Ilse Sloof, you can be assured that every step of the process is carried out correctly, allowing clients to meet the requirements for their specific purposes, whether it’s immigration, employment, visa applications, or license applications.

For more information about Fingerprints & Screening’s services in the Netherlands and how to obtain fingerprints for your specific needs, please visit their website at

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