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Success Story: I-601 Vaccine Waiver approved in 20 days

By admin

I am happy to announce that Blue Lake Law secured an I-601 vaccine waiver approval for a client in just 20 days.

The applicant has a strong Christian belief against vaccines of all kinds which we were able to convey to USCIS by sharing relevant sections of the Bible which both shaped their beliefs but also most clearly indicates their opposition to vaccines.

We submitted affidavits from people who know the client, and their sincere moral beliefs, well. The affidavits attested to their sincere moral belief against vaccination. As well as this, we highlighted the impact refusing to receive vaccines has had on their life.

We are extremely happy for our client to have such a quick resolution to this matter.

We have handled vaccine waivers since before the COVID-19 pandemic but since the change in the vaccine schedule to include the COVID-19 vaccine for all intending immigrants – both family and employment based Green Card applications– the demand for exemptions to the vaccine requirement has soared. George is happy to share that he currently has a 100% success rate with these waivers but an approval in 20 days, coming hot off the heels of a 26 day approval, is very close to our previous record of a 14 day approval which was the fastest he was previously able to achieve.

Interested in receiving a vaccine exemption for your Green Card application? Contact George Lake today to discuss your case.

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