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Success Story: Vaccine Waiver Approved in 26 Days

By George Lake

Blue Lake Law is delighted to share that we have been able to achieve a waiver to the vaccine requirement for one of our clients consular processing through the U.S. Embassy Manila, in the Philippines.

We have handled vaccine waivers since before the COVID-19 pandemic but since the change in the vaccine schedule to include the COVID-19 vaccine for all intending immigrants – both family and employment based Green Card applications– the demand for exemptions to the vaccine requirement has soared. George is happy to share that he currently has a 100% success rate with these waivers but an approval in 26 days is a new record – surpassing the two-and-a-half-month approval which was the fastest he was previously able to achieve.

Interested in receiving a vaccine exemption for your Green Card application? Contact George Lake today to discuss your case.

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